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House Bill 1318

Posted by aslb on February 28, 2009

On February 27th, Governor Beebe signed House Bill 1318 into law.  We appreciate everyone’s input, that made this a success.  The bill passed the House 98-0, from there it went to the Senate where it passed 35-0 with an amendment added.  It went back to the House to adopt the amendment and passed on a vote of 100-0.  It will now be known as ACT 243 (The Safe Transportation of Railroad Employees By Contract Carriers Act). Today is a great day and a historic day for rail labor in the state of Arkansas.

One Response to “House Bill 1318”

  1. Steve Christian said

    This act is a great start to insure safe handling of rail crews. Perhaps we should now contact neighboring states to see what kind of laws similar to this issue may be on their books. If they do not, lets ask for help from the national to get to work on passing more laws like these in other states that need this type of law. In the case of the crews working out of Van Buren, Arkansas, crews are in the state of Arkansas for a total of 6 rail miles and 10 highway miles. The Van Buren crews are deadheading and working through northeast Oklahoma, to Parsons, Kansas and Coffeyville, Kansas. Therefore, you see, they could use the law in Oklahoma and Kansas. And more than likely, many other states as well.
    Steve Christian
    Legislative Rep. Division 524
    Van Buren, Arkansas

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