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Monthly Update

June-  This month State Chairman Terry Todd and James Hoskins attended the Southeast Regional Meeting in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  It was a great turn out and there were many topics discussed.  The hours of service law is still being worked out  between the carriers and the union.  Hopefully we will be able to give more information out soon on how everything will work once the law goes into effect.  In the Legislative Representatives class, we gave an overview of our limo bill in Arkansas, so the other states could have an idea on how we ran our bill here.  If anyone has issues, questions, or anything else we may assist you on feel free to contact us.  Have a great month and we will update you again in July.

July-  Currently State Chairman Todd and Vice Chairman Hoskins are attending the State Chairman’s meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  We are receiving information regarding the hours of service law that goes into affect this month and also talking about the future of high speed rail.  We are making a presentation of our limo bill in the state of Arkansas to give other states ideas about how to pursue a bill in their own respective states.    On the subject of high speed rail however Little Rock is included on the southern portion of what they would like to accomplish regarding the implementation of high speed rail corridors.

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